Top 5 Things to Look for when choosing
a secure storage facility

Good Afternoon Midland, TX!  So after hearing the news about 67 Odessa storage units being broken into earlier this week, I figured I should list a few important things to look for when choosing a storage facility.  The main issue of concern is SECURITY!!!!!  When you put items in your storage unit, you obviously value those items and want them safe so why wouldn't a secure storage facility be your main priority.
On-Site Manager
A secure storage facility will have an on-site manager available to maintain the storage property and help with the customer's needs.  An on-site manager will also check all the lights and video cameras on the property to make sure everything is working.
Security Cameras
Security cameras are a must when looking for a secure storage facility, if a facility doesn't have them, just walk out immediately :-) but they also have to be able to record.  Some storage facilities will have cameras, but they don't record anything, so make sure they actually record activity.

Lighted Facility Inside and Outside
A secure storage facility will be well lit day and night, all day, all night.  Always make sure the property is lit up at night so that you can see your surroundings and make sure your safe.  Even in a Climate Controlled building there needs to be lighting.

Electronic Gate
An electronic gate is super important when choosing a secure storage facility. The gate operates on unique customer codes, so if you don't know the code, you don't get in.

Easy Payment Systems
A secure storage facility will not only make sure the property is secure, but ensure the best security for your payments.  Automatic billing is the most secure payment option, because your credit card and personal information isn't just floating around cyber space, it's securely encrypted in our system.

Those were the Top 5 things to look out for when choosing a secure storage facility, hopefully this list will help you choose the right storage facility, keep in mind A-Plus Super Storage in Midland has all 5 things plus more!  Rent today and keep your items safe!